I am for gay marriage. I support LGBTQ+ people. I believe in Roe versus Wade. I believe in Universal Healthcare. I believe in the "Rule of Law." I believe in a strong police force. I believe all teachers should be respected. I believe in intense research to extract the truth of our history. I believe in freedom of the press. I believe in the Second Amendment. I believe in public etiquette. I believe in public decency. I believe in the right to vote. I believe you can express your differences respectfully. I believe in charity. I believe in second chances. I believe in equal rights for women. I believe both parents loving their babies is good for all of us. I believe the black race and native Americans got a raw deal. I believe that immigrants should have a place in our society. I believe we should participate in foreign affairs. I believe we have enemies in the world. I believe in compromise. I believe drugs have destroyed far too many families. I believe gambling will destroy more families. I believe divorce is too easy. I believe in respecting your responsibilities. I believe in climate change. I believe technology must be monitored more closely. I believe we should pick up and throw away garbage when we see it. I believe our borders are two pores. I believe society has gotten too permissive. I believe society is capable of tremendous empathy and tremendous evil. I believe we are part of something bigger than us. I believe there should be no homeless on the streets. I believe in acts of kindness. I am against all graffiti. I believe the church should pay taxes. I believe we should respect the government. I believe the Educational System has lost its way. I believe there should be a ceiling on the rich. I believe the family will be our salvation. I believe we pay our sports figures and entertainers far too much. I believe we pay our leaders far too little. I believe we should not contribute money to our candidates running for office. I believe we have to work hard to be successful. I believe in being in love, all sports, the Arts, apple pie, big burgers, beer, and ice cream sundaes. Sure we disagree on some things but agree on many others but will we defend our country together? I am your friend, spouse, lover, neighbor, co-worker, relative and fellow American. 🇺🇸 JG

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