Look Left, Look Right, Step Up by the Gent


Wow! You are thinking about getting married. What a novel idea these days! Allow me to give you a bit of advice. Marriage is not a contest. It is not you against him or her. There should be very little if any, tit for tat! There should be a blending of love that supersedes such things as I can read faster than you, you’re not stronger than me, I brought the garbage out Tuesday, you dominate the bathroom, I want to watch Bachelor, I want to watch the Yankees. On and on and on you will encounter subjects that can cause controversy. Give in. Love him or her not what surrounds you. Both of you together are an irresistible force with double strength, wrapped around a love for one another. Who cares if she bench presses more than you? Ha! Teamwork takes respect, concern, care, commitment, practice, and spotlight sharing. Don’t try and reinvent the wheel! Remember to take all of your responsibilities seriously but don’t take yourself too seriously. It has all been done before down throughout the ages. Now go have an ice cream cone together with Love and Good Luck.

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